Cyber Risk

Services & Technologies

Incident Response

Early Stage Support, Recovery, Cyber Security, Ransomware Response.

Ransomware Intelligence

Ransomware Alerts, Ransomware Data, Ransomware Risk Analysis.

Managed Services

Cyber Breach Protection, Cyber Risk Monitoring.


Cyber Insurtech

Coinnect is a Cyber Security and Insurtech Company, we provide solutions for Cyber Risk Assessment, Monitoring, Mitigation, Incident Response. 

We work with Loss Adjusters, Brokers, MGAs, Insurance Companies providing technical services and solutions to facilitate Customers Acquisition, Cyber Risk Monitoring and Mitigation, Costs and Business Downtime reduction in case of Cyber Attack.

We are experts in Ransomware Response services and solutions both for clients and the Insurance Industry.


What We Offer

We are Cyber Risk specialists with a deep understanding of the Cyber Security Market and technical hands-on experience related to Ransomware, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain.

  • Consulting

  • Software Platforms

  • Managed Services

  • Technologies

Incident Response

Our services are built to support in case of  Cyber Incidents. We are able to assist during a Cyber Attack providing a mix of Cyber Security and Cryptocurrencies know-how that is quite unique in our Region and allow us to provide an effective response in case of Ransomware.

We offer to Clients and the Insurance Industry:

  • Early Stage Support
  • Data Recovery – Systems Restore
  • Incident Cyber Security activities and 24×7 Monitoring
  • Advisory to safely deal with Cryptocurrencies
  • Decryption Support

Managed Services

We provide 24x7x365 Managed Cyber Security Services for Small and Mid-Enterprises looking to simplify Cyber Security operations and achieve real Cyber Risk Mitigation with reasonable costs. 

Our Managed Services are built to be bundled with Cyber Insurance Policies, reduce the Risk and costs of Incidents, demonstrate to customers strong capabilities and differentiation, generate additional revenues.

We provide a set of effective services using some of the most advanced technology vendors to offer Breach Protection, Response and Costs Reduction in case of Incident,  continuous Cyber Risk Monitoring

Ransomware Intelligence

We provide structured and historical Ransomware Data with Global coverage, early stage Alerts and other tools to Analyze Ransomware Attacks, Targeted Organizations, affected Sectors and Countries. We provide Ransomware Risk Scoring with a proprietary methodology and data to estimate the Risk to be targeted by Ransomware based on company characteristics.

Ransomware Intelligence services are delivered through a Software Platform or API and can be customized for specific needs or integrations.


Insurtech Platforms

We provide Saas platforms built for Insurance Players like Brokers, MGAs, Insurance Companies, Reinsurers to proactively Monitor customers Cyber Risk, analyze real-time and historical Ransomware Data, facilitate Customers Acquisition with Cyber Risk Assessments and integrated pricing capabilities for Insurance Policies.

Our Managed Services for Cyber Risk mitigation can be integrated in our Insurtech Platform to allow proactive monitoring of a customer set and provide Insurance Players an active and detailed view of the overall Cyber Risk and applied Mitigation services.

Our Insurtech Platform can be customized to offer Cyber Services bundled with Insurance Policies.

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