Blockchain Strategy

Technical and Business Support to define Blockchain adoption.

Smart Contracts

Development of custom Smart Contracts for every business need and use leveraging the most trusted Blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, TRON.

Blockchain and Crypto Business

Support to define and build innovative Blockchain and Crypto Currencies Business Models.

Software Development

Custom Blockchain and Crypto Solutions, Decentralized Applications.

Technology Scouting

Find and Select the best Technologies in a Super-fast evolving Market.

Business Development

Marketing and Alliances support leveraging a Network of Global Advisors and Blockchain leaders.


Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are disrupting Finance, Companies and Society, a new “Internet of Value Era” is emerging offering big opportunities for innovation in many sectors. We are just at the beginning of a deep revolution with broad impacts and the possibility to re-design money, payments,  funding, ownership, ledgers, privacy, transparency, business processes. The full spectrum of use cases is still unexplored, the scenario is similar to the first “Internet Era” in 1990s, with huge space for transformation, building new business, innovate existing companies and organizations.

We provide Consulting Services to support entrepreneurs, startups, medium and large organizations in the definition of strategies related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. We assist our customers in the implementation of innovative business models and solutions offering a mix of technical, business and strategic understanding of the industry. We leverage an international network of recognized experts and leaders to provide insights in a super-fast evolving market.

Blockchain Strategy

Smart Contract Development

Blockchain and Crypto Business Models

Technology Scouting and Selection

Market and Competition Analysis

Business Plans and Whitepapers

Marketing, Alliances and Business Development Strategies

Technical Advisory to safely Buy, Store and Sell Cryptocurrencies

Development of MVPs and Software Solutions

Custom Training

Advisory for Recruting top Talents

Decentralised Applications Development




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