Andrew Kang joins Coinnect Advisory Board

San Francisco — July 25th 2018

Coinnect SA announced today that Andrew Kang had joined its board of advisors. Andrew leads venture activities at Crypto Asset Management (https://www.crypto-asset-management.com/), an investment fund, focused primarily on managing investment portfolios of crypto assets and early stage blockchain investments. CAM maintains a stringent due diligence process, utilizing frameworks developed from years of professional crypto asset investing. Less than one percent of projects CAM’s investment team reviews make the cut for inclusion within fund investment portfolios.

Andrew is an expert in ICO Analysis, Crypto Assets Investments, Cryptoeconomics and Tokenomics. He contributed to the development many of CAM’s crypto asset investment frameworks, such as The Seven Pillars of ICO Investing (https://www.coindesk.com/seven-pillars-ico-investing/) and CAM’s proprietary 64-point ICO Scorecard.

Andrew Kang commented:

“It’s a pleasure to be joining a project focused on leveraging the technological innovations of blockchain technology to create a next-generation live service sharing economy. By offering 0% commissions, Coinnect is ready to push us past traditional service provider marketplaces — truly bringing us towards a “rent-free” vision. The Coinnect team is extremely thoughtful and integrity-oriented, and i’m happy to collaborate with them on developing a truly intertwined token model & product”.

Massimiliano Rijllo, CEO of Coinnect, highlighted the importance of the cooperation:

“Andrew had the possibility to review and analyses hundreds of ICOs and Token Models applying a clear methodology to score and select only the best projects. He works in a team that launched one of the first Crypto Investment Fund in 2013. His world-class background and experience is an important support for Coinnect, we started to work with Andrew to sharpen our Tokenomics model and to apply the methodology of a leading Crypto Investment Fund to the analysis and improvement of our Business Model”.